AMEXcited: Am Kap der guten Weine
Am Kap der guten Weine: 6 erstklassige Weingüter in Südafrika
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Prescient Top 20 Wine South Africa 2021 reveal the individual best wines from the Prescient reports of 2021.
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Prescient Top 20 Wines South African 2020 reveal the individual best red wine wines from the various reports published throughout the year.
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Just a Minute with Chef Fabio Daniel
The Hotel & Hospitality Show had the pleasure of interviewing Fabio Daniel, head chef of Rust en Vrede.
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Escaping to Stellenbosch for a much-needed mini break is just what the doctor ordered.
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11 Most Influential People in the South African Wine Industry
After one of the most difficult years for the South African Wine Industry, WineGoggle and its team analysts brings you the 11 Most Influential People in South African Wine.
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Not so New World - Gilbert & Gaillard
South Africa boasts a number of wine farms which date back to the late 1600s, and some of their wines have recently achieved great results in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge.
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Why Your Next Cabernet Sauvignon Should Be from South Africa – Wine Enthusiast
Think Cabernet Sauvignon, and your mind likely takes you to Bordeaux, Napa or maybe even Australia or Washington State. Chances are, South Africa isn’t even on your Cab radar. It should be.
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Profiling Some of the World’s Greatest Cabernet Sauvignon Terroir With the Stellenbosch Cabernet Collective… - Greg Sherwood
The story of the Stellenbosch Cabernet Collective begins with a tale of passion and creativity. Rising out of an alluring landscape, rich history, vibrant culture and unparalleled architecture, Stellenbosch is one of South Africa’s most prominent wine producing regions and desirable tourist destinations. Today, the region has become the focus of many profoundly adept oenologists and agronomists who use their unique premium local African terroir to produce top quality Cabernet among other wines.
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Kitchen Table with Chef Fabio Daniel at Rust en Vrede in South Africa
Chef Fabio Daniel with his Brazilian background and Italian heritage, adds some flair to the contemporary French cuisine offered at the restaurant Rust en Vrede. He draws inspiration from his extensive travels and the fantastic fresh produce available in the Western Cape.
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